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Today was the day of NOA-M BWEE (meant to rhyme with the band LM.C, who is also cool like Noa and M).

But yes, me and Noa haven't had just a day of fun in quite awhile ^_^. I managed to tear through the stack of tip money in my wallet, that I had stocked up from work XD. Shopping trips to Springfield can do that to you, though ^^;.

Noa bought sunglasses and I got a rainbow headband, before we decided to go over to Sakura's and each some yummy Japanese food for lunch.

Then we decided meandering around the mall sounded like a good idea, so we did. Hot Topic carries a few Japanese magazines, so we went there to look through those... but then I was shocked, and accidentally scared the cashier with my delighted cry of OMG, IT'S LM.C!!! and Noa answered back with a shriek of KAWAII!!! To my surprise, there is now a magazine called "Purple Sky" about jrock, in English. How awesome-- I had to get it.

LM.C sez ROCK!!!

After that we visited my brother at his place of work. He was goofing around on the computer, and apparently he has a profile on the Springfield Music site (the business he works at), as well as all the other employees there. Some of them are pretty amusing XD.

Then a trip to Borders occurred, during which we read manga. I read the 6th volume of Loveless today, and I can honestly say I really have no clue what is going on, even though I've read all the volumes XD;. I had a 20%-off-one-book coupon, so I picked up a copy of The Day I Became A Butterfly (one of the prettiest mangas EVER).

We didn't feel like going back to Mount Vernon after all this (it was about 6:30pm), so we decided to buy some candy at a dollar store, so that we could smuggle it into a movie at the cheap theater. We decided to watch the second Fantastic 4 movie... and omg, SO FREAKIN' CHEESY. It was impossibly cheesy. It was even more cheesy than the first movie, which is quite a feat.

After that at 9:30, we called it quits and headed back. Much fun was had, though... we had fun sending some of our superfluous money on it's way and hanging out. Even though I'm REALLY not ready for classes to start in little over a week, I'll be glad to live back on campus with my friends again ^^.

Anyway, I shall go read my Purple Sky magazine until I pass out, I think... I'm quite tired after the whole day is over <3. *flounces away*

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