M (snowym) wrote,

movin' time

I'm moving back to the college dorms this Thursday, whee~e ^^. BUT WHY DOES PACKING HAVE TO BE SO FREAKING STRESSFUL @_@;?

The summer has flown by... mainly because I've worked, summer schooled, and then worked some more throughout the entirety of it. Oh well ^^;. I would have needed to work anyway, and OMG, I DIDN'T HAVE TO WORK AT SUMMER FRESH! *victory! ^o^V*

I may or may not be internetless for the next few days, depending on whether MSSU is on top of things with their internet connection. They usually aren't, so I won't hold my breath XD.

Okay, well I should get to bed... I need to wake up semi-early'ish tomorrow, in order to take one last hack at packing before I have to go to work for the day. And then the day after tomorrow... IT'S MOVIN' TIME! Hopefully all this heavy chair lifting at work will have made me insurpassably buff, and I will be able to haul all my earthly possessions around with ease XD. I will also not hold my breath on that either ^^;... *FLEXES SUPER HUGE IMAGINARY ARM MUSCLES ANYWAY!!!*

Oyasumi ^___^.

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