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Man, I've got another massive book list for this semester... Usually I can rent at least 50% of my needed books from the college's book rental office, but out of 17 needed books, I have to buy 13. BOO.

Oh well, I've been abusing amazon.com for most of my book buying needs XD. The book store that sells purchase books overcharge A LOT sometimes.

Here's my fun list of novel-type books that I've had to purchase, and will undoubtedly have to read and do lots of papers over this semester--

for my African-American Literature course:
[+] Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Jacobs
[+] Native Son by Wright
[+] Their Eyes Were Watching God by Hurston
[+] Street by Petry
[+] Invisible Man by Ellison
[+] Beloved by Morrison
[+] Three African-American Classics by Du Bois

for my Epic course:
[+] Iliad by Homer
[+] War and Peace by Tolstoy
[+] Epic of Gilgamesh by George
[+] War and the Iliad by Weil
[+] Ramayana by Menon

*flomps over* I feel sleepy just thinking about reading all of that in one semester ^^;.


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