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I ordered most of my books for classes off of Amazon... but every time that another one comes in the mail, I feel my heart drop a little more ^^;;;. "I'm going to have to read ALL of THESE?!" cries M-chan's inner self. So yes, I'm just going to put my head down and try and forge on in the semester... hopefully I can make it out to the other side successfully. I suppose we'll see ^^.

I think the stress is already getting to me though... I just managed to nearly slice the tip of my left-hand pointer finger off with a razor XD;. It looks pretty nasty, and isn't really helping me type at the moment ^^;.

BUT WALKING CLASS IS FUN. MOSTLY. Except for when this guy from my World Lit II class I had awhile ago insists on walking beside me and talks fooreeeveee~r. I kinda sped up and started talking with this other girl that was walking barefoot XD. He could've kept up and talked with us too, but instead he started walking around on his own. I wouldn't mind talking with him... but he always talks about pretty boring things ^^;. NEXT WALKING CLASS, I SHALL HAVE MY IPOD. *nodnod*

I don't hate any of my classes at the moment, but I'm sure that'll change as time goes on XD;.

AND SO ENDS M'S FIRST FALL 07 SEMESTER REPORT. *goes to finish the rest of her reading assignments for the evening*
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