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I'm home from December 17th until January 10th. Bad things happen when I'm at home o.O;. I start binging on things. My current binges are: Dance Dance Revolution, My Chemical Romance (yes, I know I'm pathetic, but Gerard and Frank are too cute, dang my fangirliness -.-;), PunkRockVids.com, and Meine Liebe (an anime based on a yaoi game, I'm a happy girl ^^). I'm going to need a good therapist or rehab center to kick these habits, but until then, I will watch/listen/play, and be happy ^^.

I forgot that it was Christmas break o.O;. I just don't get excited about holidays or my birthday anymore, I feel like I have no soul. I want to have the days of old where I would wake up my parents at 6am on Christmas morning, because I couldn't freakin' wait anymore. Now I'm the one that has to be forcibly pulled from bed. I could cry, why am I not happy like that anymore -.-?

Anyways, merry Christmas everyone ^^!

Note: If you read this Marie, have you gotten my e-mails? I wonder if my e-mail is messed up o.O;.

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