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first week ish OVAH

First week... DONE! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~y! *flomps over tiredly*

I tried very hard last night to think of a good introductory about-me speech for my COMM 100 class, but failed... but when the teacher gave a mini-lecture before he started making a few of us give speeches, I was struck with some ideas, and all the sudden, I had a speech written down in my notebook XD. When Dr. Moorman asked if anyone wanted to go first and get it over with, I raised my hand, so that I could get it done before nerves overtook me and I forgot the stuff I had just thought of XD. AND TA-DAH! I got an A on the first speech! *twirls around victoriously* That's a good way to start off that class (even though as the semester goes on, I'm sure it'll turn me into quite the anxiety-riddled M).

Last night after work, Rebecca and Noa were going to go to Pizza By Stout's (pint-and-a-half special night, or something?), and after almost not going, I decided to go since I wanted to relax for awhile. Maybe I shouldn't have gone, though ^^;. Apparently they had ALREADY GONE, and were going back... Rebecca was fairly sober, but Noa was still pretty sloshed from their previous excursion. Plus, we met up with some other people that I knew from various things, and they had been drinking all night. I had almost forgotten how it felt to be the only sober person at a gathering like that. Sure, everyone acts funny, but I found myself feeling a bit disgusted with some of the occurrences too. OH WELL. Rebecca said she wished she could have me with her when she went drinking more often, because I kept on forcing everyone to drink water XD;.

It was fun having conversation for awhile at least, after being cooped up in the Camille's kiosk for so long, with hardly any customers all night. Note to self: NEVER forget a book to read on the week nights ever again @_@;.

YAY! NO MORE CLASSES FOR A FEW DAYS! NO WORK TONIGHT! AND NO HOMEWORK FOR NOW (I'll start on that tomorrow probably XD)! THIS CALLS FOR... NAP TIME! *falls into bed*
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