M (snowym) wrote,

Every time I change clothes, I think I'm giving the Baptist Student Union a free show XD.

Keep my dignity? Or leave the annoying-to-mess-with blinds open? I KNOW MY ANSWER. Too bad, Baptist kids. That's what you get for knocking on my door numerous times every week, to try and get me to go to your stupid events.

I love my dorm, with its non-ghetto furniture and cleanly bathroom, but having my bedroom window face the Baptist Student Union brings out the evil in me XD;.

OKAY. Well, I'm at my parents' house for tonight and tomorrow. We're so understaffed at Camille's right now (as in it's just me, Rebecca, and Jane working @_@;, hurry up and hire some other people Jane!), so I won't be able to get the weekend off to visit home for awhile. It looks like Denton is going to visit here too tomorrow for lunch, so that'll make me happy ^_^.

Now... I shall lay down for awhile. Work today + the week has rendered me sleepy'ish ^^;.
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