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just one night of fun, please

All I have to say is... getting at least slightly drunk has some merit to it. At least during this semester, with this combination of classes I have ^^;.

For once, I don't feel the weight of EVERYTHING crashing down on me.

But yes, after my first pint of something-something-cider, Rebecca bought me another half pint of something called Snake Bite, for her own amusement I'm sure ^^;. But now we all know the ponderings to the question of "What kind of drunk is M-chan?" She is most definitely a witty/sleepy/happy drunk, if those may be combined ^^;. But for anyone who's concerned about me becoming a fledgling alcoholic or whatever, just remember that I am also poor for the most part, so it's not like I hardly ever can afford to buy drinks XD;.

Okayz, well I think bed sounds pretty good right now XD;. *meanders her way to bed* I love you all! Oyasuuuuu~mi <3.
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