M (snowym) wrote,

Golf&Mike new CD (Rinrin Samurai) booklet scans

The great and might Helen-sama (disutansu) has bequeathed unto me a miraculous birthday present...

Golf and Mike's new CD, Rinrin Samurai <3.

I know I said it to you the day that I got it, but THANK YOU HELEN ^____^. The CD is fantastic, and I'll upload it for you very soon (and the DVD too, which is immeasurably cute <3). It is not an option. You HAVE to listen to it XD. So much love.

There was a mini-booklet in the CD case with pretty pretty pictures, so I scanned them in so that all may see.

I LOVE this picture spread... they look so very pine'y XD.

Golf in all his upside-down glory...

Mike's "Sear's Catalogue" pose <3.

Oh Golf XD.

Lookin' down...

Then lookin' up...

I think Golf and Mike drew this themselves (as they draw lots in the DVD), but it looks very One Piece'esque ^_^.

Okaaaaay, well is everyone all Golf & Mike'd out? If not, and anyone's interested, I'll post the mp3's of the CD to my LJ in a few days. Or I might anyway, regardless of lack of interest ^^;.

*ambles off to do some homework before bed* Oyasumi!
Tags: golf&mike, jpop

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