M (snowym) wrote,

So, things are looking up.

I'm only working about 21 hours this week, so my boss actually listened to me... omg, that is a huge weight of anxiety lifted off my chest for this week right there. 6 classes + nearly 30 hours of work a week do NOT mix, so this is better.

Plus, I have been wanting to take a weekend off sometime soon, but apparently I wouldn't be able to for 3 or 4 weeks >.>;... but Jane did some tricky scheduling, and I actually get Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off this week @_@. 3 days off. IN A ROW. This has not happened in quite awhile <3. So yay, I'll get to visit my parents for a few days ^_^.

And the other day, when I was hanging out with Rebecca and Noa, Rebecca looked at me and said (Noa can vouch) something to the effect of "It would be nice if you could have your birthday off, huh? Well, sorry, I already asked for that day off." I was really shocked, and kinda pissed, but whatever... but then she told me to ask Jane to have my birthday off from work. I reminded her that she already asked for my birthday off, but she's all "Huh? I asked for the WEEKEND of your birthday off." *rubs temples* So yes, apparently I won't have to work on the day of my birthday. Which is fine with me <3. I'll try to have a fun one this year, although happiness tries to elude me precisely on my day of birth ^^;.

SO... What all this amounts to is... I might not die from stress and anxiety YET. Not this semester at least. Probably. I'll try not to call anyone sobbing anymore though, promise <3. Probably.

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