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goings on of late

Let's see... what's gone on lately? I haven't posted for awhile ^^;.

I gave an informative speech about Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan (where I lived when I was in Tokyo) in my COMM100 class, and didn't pass out or cry, so that was successful. Most of the people in my class seemed to think it was interesting, although one guy fell asleep during my speech, with his mouth hanging open XD.

I've got a big Linguistics test tomorrow... I was to do well, but I'm getting sick, and it's so hard to try and memorize all this crap -.-. Stupid test. AND OF COURSE I'M GETTING SICK. Argh. My sleeping habits this past week have been really tragic though, so I left myself susceptible to the bug that's floating around, I suppose.

My birthday is in... 2 days. And I'll probably be sick. Hooray. I'm still celebrating, though XD;. I don't care if I have to knock back some Tylenol PM with my froofy alcohol at the end of the night, I will still have fun. I think me, Noa, and Rebecca were just going to have a movie night, which sounds fun to me. I just want to relax, pllllz -.-;.

Jane gave me another 3 day break this week, so at least I don't have work until Friday... hopefully I'll be well before my next shift, so I don't accidentally sneeze on peoples' sandwiches ^^;.

So now I have some Nyquil geltabs calling my name. I took a 3 hour nap this afternoon, but I feel exhausted again. Stupid illness. With any luck at all I'll feel better tomorrow morning, after having slept so much XD. I'm not the most lucky person in the world, though ^^;.

OYASUMI! *downs her drugs, and tries to sleep the nastiness away*
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