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I've decided tomorrow I'm skipping my first two classes... I still feel like crap, and therefore have deemed it appropriate to sleep in on my birthday <3. I would skip the third class too, but I've got a quiz. My teacher of the 3rd class is going to think it's weird, because she also teaches my 1st class of the day, which I plan on skipping XD;. Oh well, I'll just look extra pitiful, handkerchief in hand, and tell her I'm sick. *sniff*

Rebecca and Noa got me a birthday card... for someone 40 years old or more XDD. OH WELL. It has a Dave Barry quote on the front of it, which I presume to be the reason I got it <3.

Well, if I'm going to sleep in tomorrow, I might as well go to sleep early tonight, to make the most of it ^^. *rifles through her medicine bag for the overly abused Nyquil* OYASUMI <3!
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