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*dokidokidokidokidokidoki* I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest a little while ago @_@;.

I'm staying at my parents house for the weekend... just about half an hour ago, when I'm all alone in the house, some guy just bursts in through the front door. *SHOCK* And then, without even looking at me (sitting on the couch), he blows past the entryway, wanders up and down the hallway, and then goes into the kitchen. I wasn't sure whether I should run outside, hop into my car, and drive far far away or not...

...so instead, I peek around the door jamb into the kitchen, and say "Can I help you?" with very wide eyes. Or probably more like "C-c-can I h-help you ;_;???" Upon this statement, he walks up to me in a super panic, and about 6 times rephrased his question "Where's Mr. Adam?" "Is Mr. Adam here?" "Where is he?"

I got him to sit down in the back room, forced a cup of ice water into his hand, and then called my dad (whom is Mr. Adam) for him (and locked the front/doors also). The guy's name was Allen, and my dad was his former band teacher. Apparently he ran away from home, because his dad was about to attack him or something, and since he didn't know where to go, he ran to my parent's house (he lives a few houses down the street, I think).

After about 20 minutes of showing Allen how cute Dexter was, watching Naruto on TV, and more iced water, my dad got home. He took him to one of Allen's friend's houses, and so ends the ordeal, for now. It was a very strange situation indeed, though.

I'm just glad I didn't run out into the street, as I'd initially thought about doing, because apparently Allen's dad was roaming around in a violent mood, looking for him @_@;. That might not have boded well for me >.>;.


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Oct. 7th, 2007 04:24 am (UTC)
That is very scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wthlkhf;doaiuf;aoijf;sioj f;sijf; aiojf so he knew where your dad's home is because your dad told him but he didn't know who you were and didn't even stop and ask or explain or anything and omg what is up with is dad and violent'ness wthalkfja;lkfj??????

*is quite incoherent*
Mar. 17th, 2008 03:11 am (UTC)
Thankfully, I haven't had to deal with anymore guys barging into my living spaces lately XD.

When I'm at my parents' house, I never think to lock the door, because I never think something like that would happen in such a boring town... but at college I ALWAYS lock the door, because I know there's a ton of crazy people running around XD.
Oct. 7th, 2007 02:15 pm (UTC)


That is rather... scary though. O___O THAT'S WHY YOU LOCK THE DOORS WHEN YOU'RE HOME ALONE. So he would have like, pounded on it and you'd be able to deal with him with half the heart attack. XD;;

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