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The greatest concert I've been to... within the last few years, at least <3

I just got to see... one of the greatest rock concerts ever ^______^. *feels really happy*

I've been really amped to go to this concert for over a month, ever since I found out about it... because Blindside was on the set list. BLINDSIDE? In JOPLIN, MISSOURI? Oh my god, yes <3. As mah brother's birthday gift to me, since he's completely broke, he got me into the concert for free ^_^. Pretty awesome, since tickets were $15.

Denton's band, The Springs, were on the set list. I was so happy to get to see them playing on stage with such a big band as Blindside-- it made my sisterly-pride well up in bubbly joy for him ^_^. Also, The Radiance Effect played, which is a completely terrific band (and The Springs' bosom-buddy-band). Some other band, called... umm... The Edison something-something also played, and apparently on their way here, someone broke into their band van and stole a ton of money and possessions o.O;;;;. Poor guys. But they still played, and all the other bands were pushing their merchandise table, to hopefully help them make back some money XD.

And then... BLINDSIDE. Oh yes, it was amazing. I don't usually like scream'y rock, but they're awesome. The last time I saw them in concert was... Cornerstone, my junior year of high school... it's been over 4 years @_@;. *feels old* Anyway, the lead singer screamed his heart out, twirled, high-kicked, and just generally put his all into every word that came out of his mouth, that I was sure right after the concert finished, he probably had to go puke his guts out before laying horizontally for a month. So crazy XD. And the guitarist (who, appropriately for that band, looked like Jesus) hurtled himself at the side of the stage, jumped as high as he could, and RAN UP THE WALL a few steps and did a backflip off of the sidewall... sheesh XD. I almost screamed-- the coolness startled me so much XD. His guitar almost flew out of his hands when his neck-strap snapped while he did that XD. AND THERE WAS SO MUCH MOSH-PITTING and CROWD SURFING. I didn't know these Joplin kids were capable of going so crazy-- it made me proud ^_^.

Okay, well anyway, I'm ready to collapse. I got to the concert at 6:30pm, and was on my feet until about 11:30p without reprieve (not to mention I injured my foot at work on Thursday, so I've been a mean-hobbling-machine), so my legs are like GO TO SLEEP, AND LET ME REST DAMN YOU. So I'll do just that, and hope I'll be able to even walk tomorrow, since I have work ^^;.

OYASUMI ALL! If no one understood anything I was just talking about, don't worry. Just be glad that I'm oh-so very happy with it all ^_^.

*hobbles off to bed*
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