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Naaande, Jane? No fair -.o;

I feel very... wronged. *angsts*

I told my boss today, IN OCTOBER, that the only times I'll be able to work during the Christmas break (in DECEMBER) will be Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm. I give her a two month warning, so she has time to train up new workers if need be, and she acts like I'm creating such a horrible situation for her.

"What? No, that won't work. I really need you to work during Christmastime."

I don't live in Joplin, so what can I do? I'll quit if I have to-- she can't force me to commute half an hour just to get to my minimum wage part time job -.-;.

I told her there's nothing I could do-- those are the only times I could work, and all she says in a dismissive way is "Fine. I'll see if there's anything we'll be able to do," and then walks out the door. WHAT? You can train more workers, and not act like I'm wronging you just because I can't work whenever you want me to. It's not like I'm quitting, I can still work half the day on weekdays.


[/work rant]

That's enough of that. Sheesh, I was boiling mad after she left, though -.-. I guess I'll just have to watch happy jdramas until I feel better. *nodnod* MOU.
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