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Good! Bad! Good! Bad! Goo-- *collapses*

Today was good and bad... I feel pretty horrid right now, but remembering the happy things make me feel better...

Good! -- I did well on my 20 minute presentation in African-American Literature, that I've been stressing out about since the beginning of the semester.

Bad! -- I got about 3 hours of sleep the night before, from working on said project.

Good! -- I got a 90% (an A, whoo!) on my American Lit. midterm, that I had assumed I'd probably not done so hot on.

Bad! -- I forgot to do the reading for today in American Lit., and probably failed the quiz on it.

Good! -- B.H. Fairchild, a really awesome poet came to my college today. I bought one of his books from Dr. Kumbier, and got Fairchild to sign it for me, yaaay ^__^. *uber excited, like the poetry dork she is* I could not go to his poetry reading at 7pm tonight, because of work, but one of the English professors let me sit in on her class at 1pm, that was having a Q&A session with him ^_^. He even read a few poems, since not all of us could be there at the 7pm reading.

Bad! -- I really, really would've liked to have gone to the poetry reading, boo -.o;.

Good! -- I made $7 in tips at work tonight!

Bad! -- Work tonight REALLY, REALLY SUCKED. Like, REALLY. Macy's was having some retarded sale, so about a zillion people came by Camille's, and was making large-quantitied demands of me. Soooo many rushes... and a blender burnt out, so I was reduced to one blender... and I didn't get closed until 9:20pm, because I couldn't even start closing until 8:30pm tonight (an hour and a half later than when I usually start closing)... and everything kept on running out... *PULLS HAIR*

Good! -- I'm about to take the appropriate dosage of Tylenol PM (2 pills!), and hopefully be out until I have to wake up at 7am tomorrow. I get to go home and let my parents fawn upon me for a little while tomorrow, and part of the day Saturday too, so that'll be nice ^^.

OKAYZ, that's enough of that! Crazy day. OYASUMI <3! *collapses to bed after Tylenol PM'ing it up*
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