M (snowym) wrote,

Foiled once again!

This morning, I was going to be about 10 minutes late to African-American Lit. class... so I went to the library and tried to catch up on some of my class reading, instead of waltzing in so late...

AND THEN, SUPAH STEALTHY, I went to my Epic class, all the time keeping a look out for the teacher that taught my first class, Dr. McSpadden. During Epic, I warred with myself for the last 15 minutes of class... Should I go to my next class? No, because Dr. McSpadden will give me hell about not going to my first class with her. But then, I probably shouldn't skip. But I really dislike American Lit. But I might miss something... and on and on I went, until I finally decided on I really should go, but I really don't want to. So SUPAH STEALTHILY, I left the English building after Epic.

As I'm feeling guilty but OH-SO BAD (fufufu!) about skipping two classes today, I see Alisha, who's in both the classes that I skipped, also walking away from the English building. I asked her if she was skipping too or something, and she laughs at me and tells me Dr. McSpadden was sick today, so both of those classes were canceled.

OMG, what is with teachers canceling classes most times I try to be all bad and skip?! It happened once before in American Lit., and in Walking class too. I'm glad I didn't miss anything... but now I don't feel so tough and ornery.

*slinks away a bit dejectedly* I can be tough! Sometimes! Maybe! Just not today, apparently ^^;. Oh well XD;.
Tags: school, skippa'

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