M (snowym) wrote,

I put my hair through one last dying trauma for awhile (I've dyed it neon red twice since school started, BAD M!), and had Noa dye it black today. Plus I got all my hair cut pretty short yesterday, so I'm a completely new M at the moment XD;. Yay for change! I dunno if my hair looks GOOD, per say, but I always like it when it's black ^o^.

I went to the International Club Halloween Dance for awhile tonight... it was pretty fun. I got to take my fairy wings I bought for a test drive, and they grooved pretty well. I only stayed at the dance for about an hour and a half though, since I have so much homework to do. While I was there though, Whitney forced me to dance and dance and dance... he's so much fun XD;. I haven't danced much since high school, so I was pretty horrible, but every time I stopped dancing and just stood there, he started dancing dirtily with my prone body. That would usually start me shuffling my feet badly with the music once again, and keep me motivated to keep on dancing in my dorky way XD;.

Note: Noa and Rebecca just got back from the dance, and told me a girl dressed up as a Playboy bunny accidentally caught her fluffy bunny ears on fire, when she was dancing too close to a candle XD;. I kinda wished I could've seen that, but I can get a pretty good visual image of that happening anyway, so it's okay XD;.

OKAYZ, now back to trying to hash out part of one of my papers due on Tuesday next week. *woes*
Tags: life, school, watashi

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