M (snowym) wrote,

Happy Halloween ^___^!

*flomps ovah exhausted*

I got up this morning, donned my fairy costume, and managed to drag myself to Linguistics. Srsly, that class is getting more and more difficult to understand/stay awake in -.o;. Plus, I was the only one that dressed up in there, in a class of 30 people.

Then I went to my COMM100 class, and GAVE ANOTHER SPEECH. AND DIDN'T FAIL. I'm getting so good at this not crashing-and-burning thing when it comes to speeches lately XD;. Someone told me that my wings distracted them during my speech, though XDD.

Stallion is gone from my life once again. She came to visit for a few days, and tonight was the last night we got to hang out -.-. It was psycho-crazy at the mall, since so many take their kids there for trick-or-treating... eventually Stallion, Erik, Noa, and I hopped in my car, and we went to the cheap theater and watched Harry Potter... my 3rd time watching it XD. Stallion and I giggled through the entirety of the movie, as we tend to do when watching any of the Harry Potter movies together. It was much fun <3. Stallion, I know you'll read this soon, so don't forget to tell me when you're back at home safe and sound! Michigan is a stupidly long drive, so get a tazer or something, to keep Erik awake XD.


[stress induced blob of text]
This week has been so stupidly stressful for me -.-;;;. Writing a speech, having 2 papers due (although I managed to get an extension on one of them), being forced to read War and Peace (omg, why god why???)... I even thought I had a 3rd paper due, but when I went to my teacher about it, and she said she hadn't even handed out the assignment sheet for it yet... I'M GOING CRAZY. I lost a whole night of sleep agonizing about that, practically >.>;. I might just have to forgo sleep for the rest of the semester. It seems like that's how it's gonna go down at the moment, at least ^^;. C'mon M-chan, only a few weeks left of the semester! Then you can go into a coma, and become a vegetable.
[/stress induced blob of text]


I hope everyone had fun trick-or-treating, or whatever ^_^! I'm gonna go try and sleep off the after-shockwaves of stress still coursing through my body from earlier this week ^^;. Oyasumi, everyone! *flomps over*

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