M (snowym) wrote,

[ART] Hora, hora... [PoT - Kaidoh x Karupin]

Me and Kishu decided to do a fanart-for-fanfic trade awhile ago, and as she posted amazing Mizuki/Yuuta zoopron for me the other day, I shall now post the picture I drew for her <3. Karupin x Kaidoh forehvar <3<3<3!

for kishmet

Arigatou Kishu, the fic was supah awesome XD. Hopefully you don't mind the probably-too-quickly-sketched drawing I made for you quite awhile ago (back when I had FREE-TIME), when we first decided on this trade... It was fun to draw, though XD. Kaidoh and Karupin are so in love, rly <3.
Tags: fanart, karupin x kaidoh, prince of tennis, rated g

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