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*ultimate bikurishita!*

So yes, life has definitely been interesting lately... but all this interesting'ness has left me exhausted, with no time to post about the said interesting'ness. And nothing in life truly happens until you post about it in LJ, so here we go XD;.

So several days ago, I posted amazing news that I was going to graduate in 2 semesters. I decided to e-mail my adviser one more time though, before I signed up for classes I didn't need to fill up the 12-hour full time student status... and the next morning on Nov. 13th I got this back:

I didn't ruin your life! The catolog is incorrect, the rainbow is correct and if you take an internship with Dr. Brown this spring you should be able to graduate.
Dr. McSpadden

Okay, I don't know why she said "the rainbow is correct" (XD;?), but I zoomed to her office 5 minutes after receiving that message (around 7:30am), and yeah, now I'm graduating after ONE semester.

Holycrapholycrapholycrap. I'm still completely shocked. My future has jumped out of a nearby bush and sucker punched me in the face... IT'S LOOOOOMING, looming I say! But I'll be ready. Because I've got to be.

Omg. I could be back in Japan in 2008. My heart is sprouting little wings, that are tickling my lungs with their feathery fluttery'ness. Miaownya~nya =^o^=... *floats away, thinking about it once again*
Tags: life, school

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