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Man, it doesn't matter what I watch/read/do lately-- EVERYTHING IS TRYING TO TURN ME CLINICALLY DEPRESSED. I swear, what the hell.

Right now I have to read Beloved for my African-American Lit class, which has on many occasions alluded to cow rape. One of the slave guys in the book lusted after a slave girl for years, and he raped cows to qualm this??? And THEN he finally sleeps with her after 20 freaking years, and he has AN EPIPHANY. He thinks, "Ya know? All those years of lusting and raping cows because I wanted to have sex with her... it wasn't really worth it. It wasn't that good." *STABS THE PSYCHO-BOOK IN A PSYCHOTIC MANNER*

So then I watch an episode of Akihabara@deep, which usually cheers me up, and it just so happens I randomly choose the crazy evil "Bado Raku!" episode, where people OD on drugs and get stuffed in suitcases whilst still foaming at the mouth, and the like.

And then, at work, I get stalked'ish? By a really scary creepy guy? He kept on walking up and having many mini-annoying-conversations with me, trying to get me to give him free food, and then when he wasn't actually talking to me over the counter, he was nearby and glancing at the kiosk a lot. Right at the end of the night too, it appeared he got some money, and ordered something, which was okay... but it was not okay that when I took the trash out at the end of the night, that he was standing near my car in the parking lot. And then when I was coming back in from throwing trash in the dumpster, he was suddenly by the doorway and was watching me. When I walked back out to finally go home, as soon as I thought I was home free, as he appeared to be gone, I heard a "Hey!" right behind me, and he was on a bench about 3 feet away from me. Mou. I might be paranoid, but he had a strangecreepy aura. I may very well freak-out if I see him too much more around the mall -.o;.

SO THEN, after doing some homework after work, I decide to watch the drama Tomo Yanagishita (Pixie/Jet Monster Tenimyu Kaidoh!) is in, Ren ai Shindan, but that totally turned out to be a traumatizing event. Seriously? Can't ANYONE BE HAPPY IN THESE FREAKING SHOWS? Must it always be rapebreakingstuffmurderangstangstangst? I should've known, but I had hope and needed cheering up. So much for that ^^;... I will say it was not a bad drama, though... Okay, actually it was bad, but in the normal OMG-AWKWARD way XDD. Okay, so maybe it did cheer me up a tad XD;... *loved all the random scenes of ANGRY POTTERY BREAKING!* I'm getting happier thinking of all the hilarious'ish-crazy moments, but yeah, watching it straight through WAS A REAL DOWNER.

I'm just gonna stop typing, because it is currently 2:38am, and who knows what jumbled mess is coming out. But I'm afraid to sleep, because I'm pretty sure if I do, I'm going to have cowrapefoamingdrugODcreepystalkermorerapemurderangstangst dreams. And that just doesn't sound appealing to me.

Oh well. Hopefully tomorrow is less trauma to my brain ^^! *tries to occupy self until the day begins*
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