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I win! Kindanotreally!

So yeah, the world didn't want me to finish reading the last book for my African-American Lit. class, and for me to get the essay over it completed.

Take that world. 4am has rolled around, and I finished the book (by 2am) and just got the essay done a few minutes ago. I would try to flip off this vague sense of "world," but I do believe I am too tired to raise my finger. Damn. *needs more espresso*

My lack of sleep last night caused me to fall asleep during part of the time I sanctioned between classes and work... whoops XD;. But it was only a Tuesday night, so I should have been able to read the rest of the book during my shift easy. Maybe even start the essay. But no, work was stupidly busy for some reason. And on the one night I needed to book it out of work as soon as I could to get things done, a huge group comes up right before closing and orders a ton of things, causing me to not get done closing until half an hour later usual.

I freaked out the girl that lives across the hall though, when I was reading, which was pretty fun XD. The lights are so dim in the dorm, that I opted to coccoon myself in my blanket out in the hallway between all the apartments.

Anyway, sleep is definitely not meant for me tonight, so I guess I'll go put on my clothes for the day, and go wander around outside. Maybe drive and get breakfast to pass the time until I have to report to class in 4 hours XD;. There are so many things I have to do this week, that I wonder if I'll have time to sleep at all in the next few days. Oh well, I guess I can be assured that my body with have a fit and pass out at some point ^^;.

*wanders away into the limbo that is between dawn and 8am*
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