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Let's see... I haven't posted for awhile, and so much has gone on ^^;;;.

So, what was the exciting news of the now-over Fall 2007 semester? FINALS WERE CANCELED <3.

There was a rough ice storm the weekend before finals, which caused the power in almost all of Joplin to go out. Usually my college's campus would still have power, but the generator was rendered incapable because the transformer on campus asploded.

Seriously, I was working on an 8 page paper (for African-American Lit) on Sunday, and then DARKNESS... well, except for my computer, which was plugged into a battery-surge protector thing, so I was able to save my paper before shutting down the computer. We all thought the generator would kick in, but that wasn't the case, so Noa, Rebecca, Carolina and moi dragged our mattresses into the living room for a slumber party of sorts. I found my flashlight (which Rebecca tied to the light fixture, for a dome light of sorts XD), and after getting tired of squinting at our cards whilst playing a game of rummy in the super-dim light, we decided... TO OPEN THE CHIRSTMAS PRESENTS WE GOT FOR ONE ANOTHER XD. It was fun, except after opening presents, we were all constantly saying things like "OH! I love it!... what color is it? *squintsquint*" I got shiny headbands from Rebecca and manga (Invisible Boy) + a Sylvia Plath poetry book from Noa <3. Carolina loved the Build-a-Bear bunny so much that me and Rebecca went in together on to get her, that she kept on going "I love it, I love it! I'm going to sleep with it tonight!" XD.

After opening Christmas presents, our dorm RA came in and told us that finals for Monday were canceled. I was freaking out though, because I figured I still had to turn in my 8-page paper (due on Tuesday), so I went to my parents' house in Mount Vernon to finish it Monday night. Before I went to their house, though, I went to the mall to work on it with Noa's laptop. There, we overheard some of the kids from our college saying that... the whole finals week was canceled? Power was off everywhere, it was icing like crazy, so it seemed plausible. And hooray! I got an affirmation from the main dorm RA office that... finals were canceled.

Wait? Shouldn't I have been happy? What's this sense of unease that overtook me?

I was confused, as everyone was. The school system was down, which made our professors' e-mails inaccessible... tests were canceled, but what about papers? Presentations?

3 of my finals tests were canceled, but I had 3 papers and a presentation due, so I really didn't know what to do. So I just sucked it up and completed everything. I commuted back and forth between Joplin and Mount Vernon like a zillion (note: 3 or 4) times to write an 8 page paper for African-American Lit, a 5 page paper on War and Peace for Epic, and a 7 page paper/packet on Battle Royale as an epic for Epic. I was English papering like a pro (aka, I wanted to hurt myself -.o; ). AND I GOT EVERYTHING DONE! ...but I found out I didn't have to do the 8 page paper, the one I spent the most time/effort on. *collapses*

So, today, a week later after the canceled finals, I found out my grades. This vindictive semester has tried to tear me limb from limb, so... did I survive? *drumroll*

Oral Communication...............A
American Literature I............A
Intro to English Linguistics.....B
African-American Literature......B
Fitness Walking..................A

Oh, fuck yeah ^_____________^V.
Take that, college. You tried to eat me, and I clobbered you with some AABBBA instead. *dances around* Oh, and for the record, I would have shot myself in the face if I managed to get anything lower than an A in Fitness walking XD;. I even got a B in Linguistics, how the heck did I manage that XD; (and NO mom, I didn't sleep with the teacher!)?

But yes, it would have been fantastic if finals got canceled, and I got to go home and try to sleep of the evils of the semester... but Jane, in all her fantastic'ness, managed to schedule it so I had no work shifts on Monday thru Friday of finals week. No, really, I was extremely happy with being able to devote myself to my finals, but then suddenly there were no finals anymore. And I had work on Saturday + Sunday. I wanted to go home, but YAY, the ice storm was supposed to hit Mount Vernon with 10 inches of ice and snow, so there really wasn't a way to go back until my shifts for the weekend were over. Also, the dorms were closed to students on Friday, so... *dundundun*

On Friday night me, Rebecca, and Noa all crashed at Jane's (my boss) house XD. Which was interesting. There was no sleep for me to be had that night though, because I managed to screw up my foot majorly by falling on the ice whilst returning text books earlier that day. Once morning hit after staring at Jane's daughter's bedroom ceiling all night, I couldn't even walk without crying. It was pretty awful. And I had work that afternoon. But I'm a genius, so upon buying a wrap-bandage thing, I was able to hobble around without sobbing. At work, Rebecca planted me in a chair in front of the register for most of the time, and yelled at me every time I tried to get up and help with anything else XD;.

The next night, we decided to go to a guy's house that works at a shoe store in the mall... AND DRINK. And omg, by that time, drinking sounded amazing XD. We were all a mess. So we went to his (Tony, I think) house, watched anime and the Tomb Raider movie, and drank up. I'd never been drunk before, but I found it to be a nice reprieve from reality just for once XD;. I've felt harassed all semester, so just sitting and giggling happily/inanely for hours on end with friends was just perfect <3. AND HELEN (disutansu), sorry for talking to you when I was like that ^^;. I don't remember if I called you or you called me, but I DO remember you saying that I sounded the same as when I wasn't drunk... heeey, I can't really take that as a compliment, can I XD;? Or maybe I was just amazing, because I remember concentrating REEEALLY hard to sound not smashed, so you wouldn't think bad of me XD;. I succeeded, yay! The next morning, the last shift at work for the weekend was completed (although it SUCKED, because once again, Camille's was the hot spot of Joplin for some reason).

Now I'm back at my parents' house for Christmas break. I'm still working at Camille's quite a bit, but the money is nice. I also get to carpool with my dad most of the time, so I don't mind it. I don't have to put half my paycheck into my gas tank, so that resolved my main stress of keeping my job over Christmas break. My foot still hurts some, but I can walk without the bandage-wrap and pain meds, which makes me happy. Half of my right foot is constantly prickly/numb, days after the last time I wore the bandage, so I wonder if I killed my foot by wearing the wrap too tight... oh well ^^;. AMPUTATION TIME <3 (I really hope not, though... if I have to, I'll write in my LJ about it XD; ).

So that's all I feel like blabbing about for now. Everything is all long and drawn out in story-telling form, but it's been days since it all happened, so I feel some distance from it all, and had to tell it like that XD;. Gomen ^^;.

Oh, and work today sucked, and work tomorrow is going to suck... WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO WAIT SO LONG TO GO CHRISTMAS SHOPPING, AND THEN DECIDE TO SWAMP THE MALL AND MAKE MY LIFE HELL? Just wonderin' >|.

OKAYz, TIME FOR BED NOW. *hobbles slightly to bed, where she will have good dreams of good semester grades, and bad dreams of bad Christmastime customers (boo)* Oyasumi ^__^.



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Dec. 20th, 2007 05:18 pm (UTC)
YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY congratulations on your grades!!! That is awesome.

LOL and It was fun, except after opening presents, we were all constantly saying things like "OH! I love it!... what color is it? *squintsquint*" is the best line I've read in a while. Made me giggle. Glad to have you back *hug* Merry Christmas!
Dec. 23rd, 2007 12:54 am (UTC)
I'm proud of my mediocre grades XD. *dances happily*

That... was a strange and silly situation, which I will probably remember for quite awhile. It's not very often that you open presents during a power outage XD;. Merry Christmas to you too!
Dec. 21st, 2007 02:40 am (UTC)
YEY!!!! FINALS WERE CANCELED!!!! HOW LUCKY!!! *WIBBLES* I have finals when I get back from Vacation O_o doesn't that suck? *kicks teachers* Anyways JUST the other night i was thinking about having a sleepover~ Ironic how *OMFG the lights went out over there* when I was thinking about sleepovers. LOL flashlights too? Thats so cool~ You guys should have made smores :> *shines* anyways! Glad you liek dyour presents you got for x-mas :D I'm wrapping up mine today and i hope my friends like what i got them ><
Dec. 23rd, 2007 12:53 am (UTC)
Eeeeeeee~eehhh? They can really make you take your finals at the beginning of the next semester o.O;? That sucks-- I'd forget EVERYTHING before they made me take the test XD;.

We were incapable of making smores, as it was too snowy/icy outside to build a mini-fire, and the microwave was rendered incapable by the power outage. Boo. I will have smores someday soon, though! They sound good XD.
Dec. 22nd, 2007 07:15 pm (UTC)
Well I'm glad that I know what has been going on with texting and calling on the phone. Otherwise I would have been worried and OMG M-SAMA YOU WENT THROUGH ALL THAT WITHOUT TELLING ME! T______T

*but does a happy dance* for you did it! THE GRADES ARE SUPAH WONDERFUL FANTASTIKU! I wish I could have gotten you a supah awesome present for Xmas. *woe*

And no worries, M-sama, you really didn't sound too different. I didn't think you were drunk (that you only had a couple of drinks that made you light-headed'ish?) OR SOMETHING! But it's okay M-sama. *squishsquish* As long as you keep safe and don't drive after!

Ganbatte ne on your job. I shall ganbarimasu on my fic. We both can do it ne!
Dec. 23rd, 2007 12:50 am (UTC)
It's hard for me to go through stuff without telling someone sometimes... I need someone to go "Oooooh M-sama, it'll be okay!" XD;. Otherwise, how would I know it would eventually turn out okay? You're so smart, I know you'll accurately predict my future, and look! Everything did turn out okay ^_^. *happy*

I read on your LJ that you got all A's, right ^____^??? We are on different levels I think, because I do a victory dance over the B's I get XDD;. Oh, like I need anything from you more fantastical than your friendship. We've been pulling each other out of emotional wreckages for years now, and just knowing you aren't ready to drop an anvil on my head yet is enough of a gift for me XD <3.

Oh, when I talked to you, I was pretty sloshed ^^;. I was just concentrating reeeeee~eally hard on sounding not as sloshed as I was XD;. I had 3 drinks that night, which rendered me fairly glassy-eyed, and by the time I talked to you, I had had about 2 1/2, I think. It's strange, because my brain is rendered more useless by lack of sleep than alcohol XD;. I don't drink and drive, don't worry ^_^. I value my life more than that, as I've heard too many horror stories.

Is the fic still going well ^_^?
Dec. 26th, 2007 06:46 am (UTC)
you're supposed to be predicting my future, not the other way around! XD But even without my prediction, I know you'll do just fine. I don't think you'll ever fail in anything you do because good stuff should always happen to people like you. Is what I think. ^^

I would have done a victory dance of B's (especially for history which I have done). I like to think we're close, though it feels unreal sometimes... like you're really someone I could count on no matter what. I've known it for a long time, but each day, I always remember it again and again.

I value your life too you know. And a lot of other people as well. ^^

And as you know now, the fic as well as it could get! ^o^
Mar. 17th, 2008 06:46 pm (UTC)
I like to think we're close, though it feels unreal sometimes... like you're really someone I could count on no matter what. I've known it for a long time, but each day, I always remember it again and again.

YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!!! I'm here! Don't forget <3! Just cause we live so far apart doesn't mean I'm any more willing to let go of our friendship than if I was your next-door neighbor!
Mar. 23rd, 2008 07:14 am (UTC)
I'm... really grateful to hear it. ;-; Because with all the friendships that have drifted apart and away, I wonder if there isn't one that I can hold onto... I'LL NEVER LET GOOOOOOO M-SAMA!
Jun. 11th, 2008 08:45 pm (UTC)
*tackleglomps you* We've been friends for over 4 years now, and I still call you almost every day XD. I don't think you need to worry whether we'll drift or not, because we're BOUND! Plus, I don't know if you noticed, but I handcuffed you to me a couple years ago, so too bad XD>
Jun. 15th, 2008 02:50 am (UTC)
Wow, has it been that long? Sure doesn't feel that way. ^_____^ BUT I'M SO GRATEFUL! T________T *HANDCUFFS OUR OTHER HANDS TOGETHER*
Jun. 21st, 2008 12:37 am (UTC)
It has indeed been that long XD. DO YOU BELIEVE MY DEVOTION NOW? *swings handcuff-chain happily XD*
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