M (snowym) wrote,

Christmas Eve'y'ness

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays everyone ^_^!

Okay, so it's technically gonna be Christmas in 51 minutes, but I'm getting kinda sleepy and might not be up then ^^;. Mah bro got an Xbox 360 plus the Halo 3 game, and I've been watching him play that for the past couple hours. It's really a strange, complex game @_@. I was playing Tetris DS that my parents gave me for awhile, but Denton kept on going "Look at this!" and "Watch this guy blow up!" so I gave that up, and went back to pondering why there were so many explosions on the TV screen ^^;.

My mom got me an amazing pair of shoes, or I like them at least XD. Somehow, I've turned into a shoe fanatic o.O;. I cannot stop myself from obtaining them lately, when I see a pair I really love ^^;. Oh well ^^;. *accepts yet another strange thing about herself*

I'll be sending out Christmas cards soon (yes, I'm late again >.>;, but they'll definitely be sent!), so watch out for those around the New Year XD;.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having fun this holiday <3. And if you're not, then manage it! Please <3.
Tags: christmas, life
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