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Christmas post

So, Christmas was fun XD.

My brother was home, which was fun ^__^. Instead of me just getting picked on by both of my parents, the ridicule was distributed more evenly amongst us 2 siblings. Yay!

There were many an awkward thing said, but my favorite Holiday-time quote probably came from my mother.

Denton: So... Remember that time that girl was staying at my house?
Mom: .........yes.
Denton: Well, she stayed in my room with me. Did you know that--
Denton: o.O;. No?

Fairly amusing and unexpected turn to the "Yay, we're so happy to all be together!" type conversation XD;. Oh mom, when your children succeed, why do you accuse of using seduction as the method? So not fair ^^;.

This Christmas, I was so at a loss as to what I should ask for, that my mom just had me randomly buy things that I liked as I saw them. Then she would write me a check for the amount I paid, wrap up the things I bought, and put them under the tree for me XD;. It's kind of sad, and yet I was fine with it XD;.

Christmas presents from family:
[+] Domo-kun plushie, Domo-kun calendar, Domo-kun car air freshener
[+] Clothes: Red billowy-tank top thing + white undershirt, AMAZING blue twirly skirt, black dress shirt, jeans that replaced the pair of jeans that I lost and still cannot find, blue dress shirt that was supposed to go with AMAZING blue twirly skirt but I ended up returning it ^^;
[+] grey plaid pair of Sketchers shoes with buttons sewn on them <3
[+] Game Stop gift card (used to buy Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings)
[+] Best Buy gift card (used to buy Pokemon Diamond... I was curious, okay XD;?)
[+] Starbucks gift card (... weird gift, to a girl who works at a different coffee shop... oh well, I'm gonna OD on Green Tea Frappuchinos <3)
[+] check for $100, whoo!

Everyone in my family liked the gifts I bought them, so that made me happy ^__^. I always stress out so much over buying Christmas presents that I think they'll like ^^;. Oh well, I won't have to worry about that for another 364 days ^.^V.

So yeah, work was HELL today, so I'm going to go comatose now, until I have to wake up for my shift tomorrow morning. The day after Thanksgiving might be the busiest shopping day of the year, but the day after Christmas has got to be the second busiest day, because I feel like I got hit by a bus @_@;.

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