M (snowym) wrote,

trip to St. Louis

Tomorrow morning at (*mourns*) 7:30am my family is leaving for a 2-day trip to St. Louis ^_^. It should be fun, if no one ends up being assassinated <3.

And best love of ALL, tomorrow evening, we're going to get to see the St. Louis Blues play a hockey maaaatch <3 <3 <3. I love watching hockey live-- it's one of the few sports that actually makes me jump up from my seat, wave my arms in the air, and shout "WOOO~O!" XD;.

So yes, that's where I'll be for the next couple days. We won't be going to the zoo, like we did last time (w~ah, it'd be too cold o.o; ), but hockey + shopping is better than monkeys and turtle rape. That is all!

Oyasumi! *hops off to bed early, in preparation for waking up at baka o'clock tomorrow morning*
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