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Happy New Year <3!

Whoo, I feel as if I've been launched into the intergalactic-psycho-dance-rave-technological FUTURE, as I now have to start writing 2008 on everything, instead of 2007. Of course, like always, I'm sure I'll spend the first few months accidentally writing the wrong year, cursing, and then erasing it before putting the actual year. Ah, tradition.

So Noa and I had fun on New Year's Eve ^_^. A shopping trip to Springfield was in order, as if we weren't both broke enough from the holiday season XD;. But we wanted to traipse the mall! And so we did. We ate yummy Japanese food at Sakura's, and then after wandering the mall like homeless vagabonds for a several hours, we went to the movie theater. We wanted to see the Golden Compass, but we missed the last showing, so we watched Juno instead (which was awesome, so it's okay ^o^). Everything in town was closed just about by that time, so we went to Cheddar's for something to eat/drink. And by drink, I mean GIGANTIC MUDSLIDES, yay ^_^. Sheesh, the drink was expensive, but I did not think it was going to be sillily gimungus XD;. After drinking and having traveled to nearly everything entertaining that Springfield beholds, we ended up going to my parents' house, and watching Japanese music videos until we passed out. By my standards, it was an supah fun day ^o^V!

Noa said, though, that whatever you do on New Year's Day will set what happens for you the whole entire year. OH GOD, I HOPE NOT. Today I worked from 9am until 7pm @_@;. I will be very unhappy if my whole year is spent slaving unhappily away. Mou. I DID make $15 in tips though, so I don't mind that standard being set XD. So many people were really generous today, so I don't mind that I worked on New Year's Day. Seriously, so many people went "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" before dunking a dollar or two in my tip cup XD;. The New Year spirit has magically turned everyone super nice, or for just one day at least.

As for New Year's resolutions... I just want to do a few abstract things.

1. Continue to be happy! Don't let life obliterate your supah genki-demeanor, like during that last semester. Yeah, it was pretty not great, but there are better things to look forward to.

2. Don't freak out (too much)! Sure, you are standing on a strange precipe of super early graduation, with the future looming a little too fiercely, but you've got ideas. Just think things through and work hard toward it, and you won't put yourself in the position of needing to curl up in the fetal position from not being ready.

That's it for now, I do believe. Being happy and trying not to freak out are things I usually try to keep at the top of my To-Do List, though XD.

I love you all <3! Here's to another of you guys being my friends(, or else <3)!



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Jan. 2nd, 2008 06:01 am (UTC)
Sounds like you had lots of fun :D~!! ♥
lazy me sat at home and watched a few lame movies xD
but i was just thinking about the date change thing today O.o Hell, even last year I was writing 2006 on my paper in the middle of August xD LOL I seriously can't organize my brain sometimes *dies*
Jan. 2nd, 2008 07:06 pm (UTC)
Sometimes though, I don't realize I've written the wrong year. XD;;

You had lots of fun on New Year's Eve at least. ^^;; Sorry I hadn't been there when you called after surviving the horror'ish of New Year's Day. What was I doing? Perhaps spending some quality time with parents (since they didn't have work) after cleaning my brother's room... (he had work). I suppose the next time they don't have work, we'll be tackling my room. XD;; Nooooo...

I WOULD WANT YOU TO CONTINUE TO BE HAPPY~! And don't let things overwhelm you like graduation! And THE REAL WORLD(TM). XD;;

*hugs you* I hope this year will be much more awesome than the last~
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