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Christmas Spirit Abounds

My family always ditches the Christmas morning present tradition, and we tear into all our gifts on Christmas Eve. Everyone loved their gifts, so that's good. Yay, I was given a nice humidifier, so now me and Noa shall no longer shock ourselves into oblivion in our dorm o.O;. Static electricity is viscious, I tell you. I now officially have a CD player for my car. I don't have to listen to crappy radio anymore, yay ^^.

I have a choice now. I can visit my grandmother for about 5 days. I know it is bad that I really don't want to go o.O;. But I think she's about to die, so I am going to suck it up and go anyway. I love her, but seeing my family is so difficult for me -.-. I feel so distant from all of my extended family, and I am not on that great of grounds with some of them. Oh well, to Illinois I shall go. I'll pack some manga with me, so maybe I won't be too horribly bored ^^. And crocheting! I shall get my scarf done yet.

Merry Christmas! Or Christmas Eve, or whenever or whatever anyone celebrates ^^;.
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