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back in Joplin for school + thoughts on upcoming scool days

I haven't posted in a few days, but once again, I have moved. Back to the college dorms. It was a fairly painful process, as I'm becoming quite the mastah of moving earthly possessions from one spot to another XD.

Only in the last few days of my Christmas break did I manage to feel semi-human, and now I have to get geared for another semester. I wasn't psyched at all, and I'm still not exactly pumped, but tomorrow looks like a breeze. My internship and Japanese class haven't been set yet, so all I have to attend tomorrow is my Creative Writing: Fiction class ^_^... at 10 o'clock, baby! Oh yeah, no 8am classes this semester-- I'm psyched about that at least XD. Plus, I'm only working at Camille's on Saturday and Sunday this week. My boss wanted to give me time to figure out my schedule/internship as best I could ^_^. *thankful for that*

Last semester was not fun, to say the least, so here's to hoping I'll get some enjoyment out of Spring '08. Since I don't have to read War and Peace this time around, it's already looking up XD. I'll do my best, yosh!
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