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First bout of tutoring...

I... very well may give myself an ulcer ^^;. *worryworryworries*

Today I had 2 hours of tutoring work... one was a "drop-in" session at 9-10am, where I basically just do random work around the office, while I wait for a student who needs English tutoring to possibly come in. Then at 1-2pm, I had my first tutoring session with Aya and Mako. I had no idea what to fill their session time with-- I worried over it for several hours, actually ^^;. All I could come up with was editing their papers that are due on Friday, but Dr. Brown told me tutors are not really supposed to edit papers... so I helped them to edit their papers anyway XD;. Tutors cannot mark student papers, but I was all pointing at their papers, and saying "Well, why don't we reword/add this/etc here..." My winging-it attempt at tutoring didn't not coincide with the Learning Center's tutoring rules at all >.>;;;. I want to be traaaaaa~ined, I have no idea what I'm doooo~ing >.>;;;;;;... *worries and dies*

Thankfully, there's a tutor-certification class that I'm attending tomorrow (and still pondering on whether or not I'll be actually enrolling in it). That's my training, apparently, so I'm psyched to get a little direction on what I'm supposed to be leading the student to do during a tutoring session ^_^. Maybe I can worry a little less once I actually understand HOW they want us to tutor. Because I have no clue at the moment. *worries some more*

Also, I got tied up with some work for my boss at my 9-10am drop-in this morning, and was about 1 1/2 minutes late to my Creative Writing: Fiction class. Omg, I thought my teacher was going to eat me ;_;. *was terrified* That's never happening again >.>;. *will be super careful to get done with tutoring/work on time from now on*
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