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Hmm... I just might need healthier sleeping habits o.O;. I think it's about time for me to try and force myself to sleep. My hands are all shaking, and my eyes are pouring water o.O;. I haven't felt tired for the past few weeks. It's strange. Oh well, I don't want anyone in the house waking up and accusing me of crying at 3:30am. That would lead to questions and probably fighting. It's oh-so much easier to go lay my head on a pillow and stare at my bedroom ceiling, until it is time to get out of bed. I'm *this* close to finding some type of sleep medicine, because this is getting just a bit ridiculous o.O;. I'm pretty sure I've complained about this in my Live Journal before, so g'night. Oh yeah, and Merry Christmas, although it is technically not Christmas anymore. Eh, whatever.

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