M (snowym) wrote,

eff you, neck. eff you, weather.

Okay, so my boss has me working only on Saturdays and Sundays right now, which is fine since my weekday schedule is fairly hectic. But last Sunday I wasn't able to go to work becaaaa~use-- *drumroll*--

I woke up, and wasn't able to move my head! I thought I was in some sort of paralysis dream at first, but then I was all painpainpain, and I've never had any dreams where real pain occurs. After a few tests (*turns head to the right* ... *turns head to the left* OWWWWWW!!!), I realized that some muscle along the left side of my neck did not want to move. At the end of the day when it was time to go to sleep, I dug out some Hydrocodone from my last hospital trip, and was able to sleep happily/deliriously XD. Now, a few days later, my neck is okay. WTF, BODY??? I HATE YOU TOO.

Anyway, it's freakishly cold outside. This would not be surprising, except it was 60 degrees F out this morning, and now it's under 20 degrees F @_@;. I think some deities are banning against Missouri, and are trying to wipe us out with strange weather ^^;. *WILL SURVIVE!*
Tags: oddities, weather, work

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