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News Update: Tablet causes world despair, earthquakes, and acid rain over densely populated cities.

Someone needs to wrench my graphics tablet away from me. I'm creating things that will inadvertently cause world destruction. But I like using it too much, so I don't care if I make crappy stuffs ^_^. Too bad.

Latest fanart of death:

Temari is the coolest ^_^. My aim is to make such bad art of her, that she will jump out of my computer screen as I watch Naruto, and attack me, and I'll get to meet her once before I die. Then I will die. But it will be a cool death, so I'm alright with that.

Last night, I was more tired than I thought. I went to sleep on the couch at about 1:00am, and woke up at 11:00am in the afternoon o.O. I probably would've slept longer, but the phone rang at 11 sharp. Gagh. I hate phones -.-. The only good use for phones, are when they're hooked up to answering machines ^^. Leaving creepy messages on my friend's answering machines is very fun. Especially when their parents listen to the messages first ^_^.

Note to self: finish writing the 'thank you' cards, before mother sacrifices me to the god of sticky tack and bubbles.

Take the What Naruto Character are You? quiz brought to you by Danseibi.net.

Wow, this quiz has me pegged. Especially the spacy, indifferent, and slow part. I dunno about the whole sharp mind thing though o.O. Oh well, Kakashi is one of the coolest, so I'm good.

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