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Let's see... I'm fairly accomplished today.

I turned in my assignment for Creative Writing and was active in the workshopping discussion.
I put in my two-week notice of resignation at work.
I got a first draft of an essay written up for my Advanced Essay class.

Yeah, seriously, I almost killed myself on the ice this morning. Not a great thing ^^;.

When walking on a sidewalk near the dormitories while talking to my dad on my cell phone, I stepped on a curb and suddenly my legs went flying out from under me >.>;. Some girl was passing right by me when it happened, and she's all "OHMYGODAREYOUOKAAAAAAAAY?!?!?!" It was fairly amusing XD;. I sat there for a moment, told my dad (who was still connected on my cell phone) to wait a second, and stood up. After taking a deep breath, I told the girl I was okay, and walked on to class whilst resuming my phone conversation with my dad XD;.

Of course, I thought this was a fairly funny incident, so when the secretary at the Learning Center asked me why my jeans were soaked (damn melty ice), I told her about how I fell. She cried out "Oh no!" and then immediately picked up the phone and called campus security o.O;;;. So security came down to the Learning Center, and I had to do a formal report on the how/where of my fall, plus my assessment of if I was okay or not. I was completely mortified that I had to give security a report on my clumsiness, so I just decided screw-it, and I gave them a dramatic reinterpretation of the event, since that seemed possibly amusing ^o^. And it was, as I made the security guards laugh in disbelief XD;.

Anyway, hopefully I won't wake up and not be able to walk or something horrible like that ^^;;;. I'm going to class anyway! *has her assignments done*


Two of the Japanese exchange students, Sayaka and Chika came over to our dorm to watch some movies. It turns out Sayaka is going to be one of my new students I'll be tutoring at the Learning Center, so I'm excited about that ^_^. The sessions with Aya and Mako are always entertaining, so I'm sure this will be too.


*flomps off to bed*
Tags: oddities, tutoring

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