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suspiciously genki

I feel suspiciously genki, for just having worked 7 hours at Camille's XD.

But, but! I made $9 in tips! And some guy who came up after closing (about 9:15 or so) gave me a whole box of Girl Scout thin mint cookies because I went ahead and made him an Italian Cream Soda *o*. *chomps on them happily*

So good things happened XD. But it was so busy today, that it took BOTH me and Jane until 10pm (an hour later than normal) to get the kiosk closed. A testament to how crazy busy it was ^^;;;.

OH, and the ultimate good thing happened! I was going to have to work tomorrow from 1 - 6pm, but the new worker/trainee Jane hired is going to take my shift ^o^. A whole day to work on my story for my Creative Writing class-- I'm pretty psyched ^__^.

Anyway, yes, while my mind is genki, my body is fairly tired, so I'm going to go flomp down for a while ^o^V.
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