M (snowym) wrote,

crazy weather

I wake up today, and the weather broadcast proclaims icy rain, hail/sleet, and thunderstorms all day today. And MSSU is the only school in the area to not cancel. *headdesk*

So I go to class... nearly everyone was there in my first class, in my second class only half of the students attended, and by my third class (1:00pm), all the buildings on campus are locked up with little signs on the doors saying "FEBRUARY 21: ALL AFTERNOON AND EVENING CLASSES CANCELED."

Classes are canceled on days when we don't really need it (which is awesome), but on days like today when they 100% should have canceled classes, they make us trek to the buildings, only to eventually be locked out (which is not awesome).

This crazy weather is supposed to keep up, so if they have to, hopefully they'll cancel classes from the start, tomorrow ^^;.

BACK TO PLAYING PHOENIX WRIGHT! *cozies up in bed, and tries to get warm*
Tags: school, weather

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