M (snowym) wrote,

pickin' up the kids

Last Friday, I started my brief employment of picking up the children of my internship boss.

So weird XD.

I'll go to the high school, and pick up Andrew, and for lack of anything better to say, I usually start off with "So, how was school today?" and he says "Oh... ya know..." and then we drive along a bit awkwardly until he starts talking about Star Wars or computer programming or something XDDD. Once we pick up Katherine from the middle school, all I have to ask is "How's your boyfriend?" and she'll talk for the entire rest of the ride XD.

They're both good kids, but sometimes I wonder if they're completely weirded out by the fact that I'm picking them up XD;. I'm sure they are, but TOO BAD! $60 for picking them up 5 times is nice pocket money for me, so I intend to finish despite random awkwardness that occurs ^^;;;.
Tags: work

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