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Well, I thought I was leaving to visit my grandmother tomorrow, but apparently I'm not leaving until Thursday o.O;. I felt like a big dope, because me, Stallion, and Noa had our mini-New Year's celebration tonight, when we could of had it later. Oh well, maybe we'll celebrate New Year's every night until I go ^^;. It was great fun, we went to the park and had cold drinks from Sonic (until our bodies were completely numb, of course). Then we rented the movie Dodgeball, in which Ben Stiller was magnificently eerie and creepy in. Then, we all drank tea from teeny bowls with straws, made New Year's resolutions which went as:

Stallion: I promise to take another semester of Puppy Petting classes (apparently she just took Puppy Petting 101, but only in her mind. Maybe I shall join with her next semester, whee ^^).
Me: I promise to continue to be eerily obsessed with Japanese drag queens, and will continue to think Dexter (my cute doggy ^^) is cute.
Noa: I vow to not fail Freshman Orientation again this semester (the college screwed up her grades, and apparently she failed that class, and also took Spanish IV in 2002, when we just started attending there this year o.O;).

After we made our resolutions, and drank our bowls of tea, I set the microwave for 10 seconds, and we had a countdown. Whee, it was fun ^^. I have the best friends in the entire world, it is a joyous thing. Yay for awesome friends ^^.Honestly, that was the best New Year's I've ever had. It ought to occur at 10:15pm on December 27th more often, maybe it wouldn't suck like it usually does ^^. Anyways, Happy Pre-New Year's!
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