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attempting to get a job is nerve wracking >.>;;;

I applied online to GEOS about a week ago... and then a few days ago, the e-mailed me, asking me for my resume, so I sent it... and just today I got an e-mail from them, which had a phone number for me to call for an interview, so I called it...

ugh, I feel like I could puke -.-;...

The interview didn't go badly-- I just get really anxious when interviewing and such for jobs... I'll get an e-mail in a few days, if they decide to invite me to the in-person interview.

If they invite me, I'll be going to Dallas on May 10th (the weekend before graduation @_@; )...

If they don't, I'll be applying elsewhere...

*heart feels all dokidokiblagh from residual nervousness*
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