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a few caps from Oguri Shun's new drama-- Binbo Danshi

Somehow, it seems that Oguri Shun has managed to reach new heights of awesomeness XD.

Being alive really is overrated, after all.

Somehow, Oguri managed to reproduce this amazing face from Hanazakari no Kimitachi e XDD. Instead of being drunk this time, though, he's just high on life <3.

Here's a pic of Oguri, with his boyfriend for this drama...

He seems a bit unwilling...

And yet, Oguri will soothe his nerves. It's okay baby <3.

This new drama, Binbo Danshi, was actually really good. The first episode warmed my heart, and yet had me cackling quite often throughout it XD. Oguri plays a college kid who has such a big heart, that he tries to solve everyone's problems... he eventually gets into $10,000 worth of debt, and from there, his debt multiplies by 10, but he will solve his problems somehow, because he is so full of LIFE and LOVE! Yosh!

I'll keep watching the drama, just to see more of his ridiculous facial expressions, I think XD. *encourages everyone to watch it too*
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