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hair cuts and breaks

Yay, I got a haircut today! It looks very bowl-like at the moment, but that's just because the hair lady blow-dried my hair for 10 minutes, to give it that perfect balloon shape XD. All I have to say is at least it isn't shaggy and in my eyes anymore. The color looks rather gray in this pic o.O;, but it's really washed-out black over brown at the moment (which translates to yuck in pictures, I suppose XD).

Tomorrow I'm heading out to Springfield with Noa, at 10:30am sharp. Japanese food and mall ambling are on our schedule, although we'll probably find something else to occupy ourselves with also. It's the first time I've left my parents' house since spring break started, I do believe ^^;;;. It's a bit sad how at ease I am with being cooped up this week... at long as I have my computer, and don't have to touch homework, I'm happy... (although I really need to get to crackin' on some assignments really soong ^^; ). There very may never be an entire week like this again in my life after graduation, where I just can flomp down and do whatever, so I'm just trying to have fun ^^. A fun, fairly uneventful week, it seems XD;.
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