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cavorting about Springfield

Yesterday, mine and Noa's trip out on the town was fun ^_^. Mainly because I got out of the house XD.

We went to Sakura's, because it's the yummiest Japanese food place in the area, and then puttered around the mall... I bought nothing, and Noa just bought a t-shirt, but it was fun trying to touch everything in the mall XD.

We went a few other places after that... Borders (where we read manga and magazines without buying, like bums)... Best Buy (where we fiddled around with a new Macbook Air that was on display ^o^)... TJ Max (where many a fancy hat was tried on <3)... We even went to Goodwill, and as we were wandering around, I paused at this case that's locked up, and see a purse, which caused me to say "Hey Noa, isn't this ugly brown-printed bag one of those designer bags you love so much?" Noa immediately has a worker take out the bag so she can inspect it-- and that's how Noa got a Luis Vuitton bag (or what looked like a very legit Luis Vuitton bag) for $30 XD. I myself bought a pack of rainbow unicorn party napkins for 50-cents from the Goodwill, just because they were so fancy XD.

So we had fun, and ambled about, and generally just whiled the day away in an entertaining fashion. My ureshi-meter has been recharged now, and I feel like maybe I can survive the rest of the semester XD. Maybe!
Tags: life, omoshiroi

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