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[rant] Holy crap o.O;. That was horrible! Bad things were done to Shuichi in the manga, and then I watched the second volume of the anime, and the bad things were repeated. Does Shuichi not get a break o.O;? The anime is so sugary, I thought they'd leave something like that out, but no. Oh, what is this awful thing I'm alluding to? Ah, Shuichi got gang raped. Gang raped! And Yuki's still a bastard towards Shuichi! I just needed a bit of rant space. Gravitation is nutty o.O;. Oh well, things like this is what I have come to expect when reading Gravitation ^^;. [/rant]

Yay! Me, Stallion, and Noa went on a long walk tonight. And last night. So fun ^^. Stallion and me, for a period of time, were jumping through the streets, playing Super Mario. Complete with sound fx of course ^^. I need more carefree-ness like this in my life. Ok, being carefree does not always need to include running around saying "Ching! Ching!" although such acts are not unwelcome. Everyone, be happy! I'm going to try my best, from now on, to be more joyous. I'm tired of the depressed and listless person that has slowly tried to take over my being. I will defeat them! If need be, I shall jump on their head, and steal the magic wand to save the Mushroom Kingdom. Or something like that. G'night, its entirely too late (early) to be trying to type intelligibly.

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