M (snowym) wrote,

bad student, once again

Agh, I got frustrated again with stuff I was working on last night... so I left 75% of the paper I was working on to be written this morning.

I NEED CUT-OUT THIS MORNING-BEFORE CRAP. I'm going to kill myself this semester this way ^^;;;. Oh well, for now, I've been succeeding in this stupid homework-frame I've shoved myself in... I could fail SO easily though, if I weren't able to finish in the few hours before class -.o;;;.

From now on, I'll stop it. It's one thing to burn the late-night oils, and a whole other completely more irresponsible thing to only give myself a do-or-die 3 hours before class time slot to finish papers... Ugh, not a good habit to start. *squooshes it now*
Tags: school
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