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I have gone through 3 pairs of jeans today -.o;;;. *TIRED OF THE DAMN RAIN*

It has been practically a freaking monsoon here all day today! At about 20 'til 9am this morning, our RA busts into the room, and tells us to go to Dishman dormitory (one of the only dorms with a basement), because there's possibilities of tornadoes touching down sometime soon. So through the worst downpour of the storm, me and Noa and Caroline huddle under a tiny umbrella, walking a quarter of a mile to Dishman. Stomping on worms the whole time, blech -.o;. So after that, I came back and changed clothes.

Then I went to class... went to tutoring... the rain wasn't too bad. BUT AS SOON AS TUTORING WAS OVER, the sky opens up once again. Luckily, Rebecca offered to come pick me up from the Learning Center, or I may have very well drowned on the way back to the dorm ^^;;;. I had to wade through nearly a foot of water to get out of the Learning Center, though -.o;... Hence, I've now changed into my third pair of jeans for the day XD.

The television is forecasting VERY intense storms through the whole night, so yaaay -.o;. *will keep her raincoat handy, in case another trek to Dishman has to be made*
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