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*synchronizes watch with her computer*

Okay... it's 11:18pm...

I have to have an 8 page fiction story completed by 6:30am tomorrow morning, and I have 3 pages left to write...

I CAN DO THIS! Probably! Hopefully my energy level will stay up, since I took the liberty of making myself a white mocha at Camille's earlier this evening, with 4 shots of espresso in it XD.

Once again I'm staying up late to finish a paper the day before... but all I can say in my defense is, unlike last time I had to write an 8 page story for this class, at least I did not leave the whole 8 pages for myself to write today XD. I had 3 done yesterday, so it's just me actually having time to agonize and edit lots and lots that is making this process a whole lot slower.

And if anyone's curious, here's a random little snippet of what I'm working on...

Then again, that really was what it all boiled down to. I wanted new experiences. So I'm here now and off-kilter for the most-part, and if not completely happy, at least happy to be as far away as possible from that part of the United States that kept me locked in like some lonely song bird— gilded cage replaced by the rippling front lawns of seemingly lawn-mowerless trailer-home owners and nearby bodies of water that always ended with the words lake, pond, creek, and never ocean.

I will finish. I will finish. Whether it's good or horrible, I will~~ *goes to finish it*
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