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the evils of apple juice bottles

So, I stole a bottle of apple juice from my parents' house when I was dog-sitting this weekend, and just a few minutes ago, me and Rebecca decided to drink some of it. So I try to open it, and can't... so I pass it to her, and she tries to open it, and can't... so I try to open it one more time, and we decide it's impossible.

Rebecca thought it would be a good idea to go find a guy to open it for us. I said I would go with her, if she would be the one to ask, while I stood in the background and laughed, AND SO, we had a deal. We went to Blaine Hall, the all-guys dorm on campus, and she plonked the thing of apple juice onto the front desk counter, and said "We need help" XDDD. Of course, the guy that helps us, is a guy I had class with last semester... he strides up all tough'ishly, and... opens the juice in about half a second -.o;;;. I KNOW THAT I'M JUST AS STRONG AS JEREMY, IF NOT STRONGER! We grabbed our apple juice and left, and when the guys at the front counter were looking at us, trying to understand what the heck just happened, Jeremy leans against the counter and says "I'll get you ladies' numbers later! *wink wink*."

So now Rebecca and I are drinking our well-deserved apple juice ^o^. It doesn't take much to create a strange adventure here at college XD;.

THE END! *goes back to doing homework*
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