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school life + jdrama: Life

I made it through another workshop this last Monday, in my Creative Writing: Fiction class. I just have to take a deep breath, and remember the purpose of the workshopping process is not to make me want to kill myself XD. I think I'll miss this class once the semester is done, actually. I've never encountered a better place for truly helpful feedback (most of the time, anyway... I can name a couple people in that class that I ignore their comments -.o; ).

Lately, when people ask me how my semester is going... I tell them my semester is like in the movies, when a plane is coming in for a landing, and the wings and wheels snap off, and the plane drags across the landing strip, leaving fire trails. WHETHER I EXPLODE AT THE END IS TBA. *shrugs* Just gotta keep chuggin', or something... Go go go! Almost over, I can maaaake it...


I got to watch the final episode of the jdrama Life today ^__^. THAT SHOW IS SO PSYCHO. It was a great ending.

I think it'll take me awhile to forget the ultimate freakiness that is Sako-kun, too XD. I never had so much fun hating a character, I think. Just so I'm not the only one who has to have his super cool facial expressions emblazoned into my brain, here's a picture <3.

Sako-kun luvz u!

If that doesn't convince everyone to go watch Life, I don't know what will XD.
Tags: jdrama, life, school, screencaps

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