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Oh my, this New Year's Eve was interesting... NOT! Haha, fooled ya. I rang in the New Year by reading Gravitation manga in my grandmother's house, under the light of the over range light. Any brighter lighting, and my mom would come bitch at me to be quiet, which has not much to do with lighting in my opinion o.O;. At least I have great friends who are willing fake New Year's celebrations with me beforehand, so that I don't get depressed ^^;. By the dim yellow light of an oven range light, I decided to make that whole spiel about me being a happier person my resolution. That does not include cutting down on my cynicism and absurdity though, since I'm quite fond of those two aspects of myself ^^;. I just want to be able to freak people out with my happiness like I was once able to do ^^.
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